Established in 1957, Camelo brings its acclaimed original recipe to the City Beautiful

About Camelo

The CAMELO Group is a family-owned business headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil, since 1957. It started with an acquisition of a Middle Eastern restaurant by the grandfather of the current third generation owners running the business, who turned the restaurant into a pizzeria. With seven units in the biggest city of Latin America and one in Rio de Janeiro, Camelo has become one of the most traditional pizzas in Brazil, holding eight best pizza awards and being acclaimed by its clientele and the media in Brazil over the last several decades.
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Our Secrets

The secret Camelo recipe for homemade sauce and dough has been passed along from father to son for four generations of the Nóbrega Family and has remained unchanged. Pizza Chef Antônio Macedo, recognized for his creations and his character, conceived the unique formula and the pizza menu served for dinner since the acquisition of the restaurant in 1963. He is, to this date, in charge of ensuring that the pizza quality of all Camelo stores is kept up to the highest standards. With its thin crust and diversified pizzas, and toppings ranging from classic to creative, “Camelo Family” opens a new chapter of its history as it crosses borders for the first time! And it brings along the same atmosphere, cozy environment and pizza at its best.


We are in one of the most visited places in the world, in the heart of the City Beautiful. We bring to Orlando a full-service pizzeria, with a full-bar and a layout carefully designed to host families, friends, corporate and private functions, aiming at creating good memories and, most of all, redefining your pizza experience.

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